Carla Puig

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Makan siang dan/atau makanan siang akan disediakan secara cuma-cuma bilamana Anda memilih opsi ini. 
Menu vegetarian tersedia bilamana Anda memerlukannya dan/atau memilih opsi ini. 
Celemek dapat dibeli untuk dibawa pulang. Bilamana Anda tidak berminat untuk membelinya maka kami akan meminjamkannya secara cuma-cuma selama kelas berlangsung. 
Tas berbayar tersedia bilamana Anda memilih opsi ini karena kami tidak lagi menyediakan tas plastik secara cuma-cuma. 
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Carla Puig is from Girona and her whole life she has been passionate about pencils, brushes and crafts in general. Her higher studies in Interior Design, realized in the School of Art La Massana (Barcelona) and, as a result, her passion for technical drawing and architectural models grew. 

The world of sugarcraft and modeling she discovered five years ago, in which she has been learning and improving her technique. 

At first it was totally self-taught and then receiving classes from the best professionals in the sector. Today her work is recognized with several prizes in European competitions.