Shelley Wong

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Makan siang dan/atau makanan siang akan disediakan secara cuma-cuma bilamana Anda memilih opsi ini. 
Menu vegetarian tersedia bilamana Anda memerlukannya dan/atau memilih opsi ini. 
Celemek dapat dibeli untuk dibawa pulang. Bilamana Anda tidak berminat untuk membelinya maka kami akan meminjamkannya secara cuma-cuma selama kelas berlangsung. 
Tas berbayar tersedia bilamana Anda memilih opsi ini karena kami tidak lagi menyediakan tas plastik secara cuma-cuma. 
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Lottie and Belle started as a passion project for Shelley Wong, who loved making yummy cakes for her kids, her family and her friends.

When a friend suggested that Shelley post her unique cake designs on Instagram, her small business grew into something a lot bigger.

She now has more than 230,000 Followers on Instagram, and a growing number of people who seek out her delicious, custom-made cakes. Each cake Shelley creates is unique, which makes them even more special.

“My favourite part of making a cake is seeing the ‘wow’ look on a person’s face when they come to pick it up,” she said. “Of course, it also makes me really happy when they enjoy eating it!”