Sachiko Windbiel 

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Makan siang dan/atau makanan siang akan disediakan secara cuma-cuma bilamana Anda memilih opsi ini. 
Menu vegetarian tersedia bilamana Anda memerlukannya dan/atau memilih opsi ini. 
Celemek dapat dibeli untuk dibawa pulang. Bilamana Anda tidak berminat untuk membelinya maka kami akan meminjamkannya secara cuma-cuma selama kelas berlangsung. 
Tas berbayar tersedia bilamana Anda memilih opsi ini karena kami tidak lagi menyediakan tas plastik secara cuma-cuma. 
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Sachiko Windbiel is the owner of mimicafe Union, based in New York City. mimicafe Union provides instruction in the creation of Fondant Cupcake & Cake Toppers & Figures to Cake Decorators of All Skill Levels.

Workshops are offered in group settings as well as in One-on-One appointments. It is in the connections that she makes with people who participate in her workshops that Sachiko feels most fulfilled… and as such, she is motivated to share her skills and inspire others to explore their own creativity and enjoy their process.  

Her awards include 1st prize in the Pastry Section category at the “That Takes the Cake!” Sugar Arts Show in Austin Texas (2013), Best of Anniversary Theme Cake prize at the National Capital Area Cake Show (Fairfax Virginia), (2013), Grand Prize in the Wedding Cake Category - also at the National Capital Area Cake Show (2014), Best Cupcakes Award from Cake Masters Magazine (UK), (2014 & 2016) and 1st Prize in the Special Occasion Category of The NY Cake Show (May 2016).