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Makan siang dan/atau makanan siang akan disediakan secara cuma-cuma bilamana Anda memilih opsi ini. 
Menu vegetarian tersedia bilamana Anda memerlukannya dan/atau memilih opsi ini. 
Celemek dapat dibeli untuk dibawa pulang. Bilamana Anda tidak berminat untuk membelinya maka kami akan meminjamkannya secara cuma-cuma selama kelas berlangsung. 
Tas berbayar tersedia bilamana Anda memilih opsi ini karena kami tidak lagi menyediakan tas plastik secara cuma-cuma. 
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Giovanna Smith is a multifaceted artist; she creates continuously pushing the envelope in all areas of her business keeping her designs and classes fresh and modern.

While taking classes, students have the pleasure to see first-hand Giovanna’s unique techniques revealed in sugar flowers, chocolate art, pastries, cake sculpting and designing.

Her goal is to transform students by analyzing each student’s abilities. Personal interaction between the student and Giovanna brings out their best creations they otherwise would not achieve on their own.

At an early age, Giovanna began her artistic endeavors in Peru under the tutelage of her mother and father. Her father, an artist and glass blower, cultivated a love for the arts in Giovanna while her mother influenced her with an exquisite taste for foods.

In 2000, Giovanna’s sophisticated tastes in the world of culinary arts were furthered when she arrived in the United States.

She graduated from the International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes in Tampa, specializing in the Baking and Pastry program where she received constant recognition for the superior quality of her work. Giovanna has since returned many times as a guest instructor for gum paste flowers.

Giovanna began Sugar Art Studio as a wholesale distributor of cutters and started teaching private classes.

As her career flourished, Giovanna has truly lived the American Dream and in 2011 expanded her self-taught business to accommodate the growing demand for her classes in her new studio. Sugar Art Studio is also the one place to find all your sugar art needs: classes, cutters, veiners, tools and supplies.

In 2012, Giovanna added to her modern studio the skill and talents of her daughter, Brenda. The apple does not fall far from the tree, an aspiring cake designer with amazing talents, Brenda is truly an artist.

Sugar Art Studio continues to grow, Giovanna has created her phenomenal private line of Designer Cutters and Veiners.