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Makan siang dan/atau makanan siang akan disediakan secara cuma-cuma bilamana Anda memilih opsi ini. 
Menu vegetarian tersedia bilamana Anda memerlukannya dan/atau memilih opsi ini. 
Celemek dapat dibeli untuk dibawa pulang. Bilamana Anda tidak berminat untuk membelinya maka kami akan meminjamkannya secara cuma-cuma selama kelas berlangsung. 
Tas berbayar tersedia bilamana Anda memilih opsi ini karena kami tidak lagi menyediakan tas plastik secara cuma-cuma. 
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Most birthday cakes are devoured within minutes of the candles being blown out - but not Dot Klerck’s chocolate, orange mascarpone or vanilla cakes with an apple strudel filling.

These sugar sculptures are creations of such master artistry, beauty and sheer creativity that people are generally quite unwilling to make the all-important first slice into these edible fondant and icing sugar masterpieces.

“What, is it actually a cake?” is often exclaimed when her showstopper conversation pieces are unveiled at a wedding, themed function or party. If it’s a character from a recent movie, a fairy wonderland, an adorable family scene or a classic peony or rose you want as a cake – Dot’s up for the challenge!

Dot honed her skills in art school, but taught herself the basics (and more!) of cake decoration. She lives in Wellington in the wine region of the Cape, South Africa, and is the devoted mother of four children. Her husband Tobie is the craftsman behind the 3D-construction cakes that she recently ventured into making, as he makes the stands (the only parts of her cakes you cannot eat!) that she uses to add yet another level of sheer creativity to her 3D vintage comic creations.

Dot has been featured in magazines around the world including from Great Britain, USA, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia and locally.

Recent accolades for Dot’s creations: Featured in the September 2013 issue of the British Cake Masters magazine, which has a worldwide readership of more than 1 million people, One of four top Cape Town cake designers chosen to vie for the title of “Who’s the Cape Cake Boss?” at the 2012 Good Food and Wine Expo, as judged by television celebrity “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro.