All payment should be received at least 1 month prior to the course and non-refundable, unless otherwise cancelled or re-scheduled by us.
We have the right to give your spot to the waitlisted student without notification if you didn't settle your payment promptly.
Classes normally start at 09:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m., please come on time and respect your fellow students
Some classes are half day only, so it will normally end at 13:00 p.m.
We allow you to take pictures during the class but no video taping is allowed. We will disqualified anybody who caught taping and you will be banned from any of our future classes.
Any design done in class and project's instructions are the intellectual property of the instructor, please respect this and do not post any step by step pictures on any social media.
You are not allowed to re-produce any handouts given by our academy for any commercial purposes. If you wish to re-teach the subject you've learn it is entirely your right but please respect the instructor and be creative.
We will take pictures during the class and post it for promotional purposes online/social media. If you don't wish to be included, please do let us know to avoid any misunderstanding.
We are not responsible for any of your travel & accommodation cost during the course and of any circumstances.
Due to any force majeur, unfavourable weather/nature conditions, we reserve the right to cancel, change or re-schedule the class. Students will be notified by email and in our notice board online.
Students are required to inform us of any change of email/contact informations.
All materials are provided as well as working tools & apron during the course. All tools that belong to us should be handed back in good condition & proper working order after the class. The apron will be yours to keep.
Please wear appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes during the class. Respect your fellow students by putting your cell-phone in silent mode. Be nice to your fellow students because we are all here to learn something new together and have fun.