2ndAnniversary Our Teacher's Testimony 13 Jul 2016

“With its doors wide open to all curious and creative minds, Sugar World Academy has quickly established a strong identity within the cake community, both locally and abroad.

Having had the opportunity to teach here in October 2015, I have nothing but praise for the quality delivered by Dewi and her staff. From planning to organization, communication, preparation and beyond, the level of efficiency and professionalism cannot be rivaled.

On a more personal level, Dewi’s passion for baking and cake art has definitely enhanced my experience here at the Academy. Her passion is not only felt, but displayed- literally. You can see it in her interactions with her staff and clients, and, most vibrantly, in her iconic collection of KitchenAid Stand Mixers! 

I just may have to come back next year to see how big her collection has grown.”

    - Miso -

    (Miso Bakes, Los Angeles)



“Best place to learn how to bake, decorate and be creative in modern high tec kitchen and equipment . . .wow wow wow… definitely coming back.”

    - Handi Mulyana -

    (Handi’s Cakes, Australia)



(with xoxo from the teachers)
theArt of Richard Festen 04 Apr 2016
photo by Panji Indra,


(Richard Festen)
Elegant Cakes by Faye Cahill 21 Feb 2016
photo by Panji Indra,


(faye cahill, champagne cake, platinum cake)
Beautiful Flowers by Giovanna Smith 07 Feb 2016
photo by Panji Indra,


(giovanna smith, flowers)
DelicateDolls by Dorota's Table Korea 16 Jan 2016
photo by Panji Indra,


(dorota's table, delicate, figurine)
ButtercreamArt by Kiss The Cake 23 Dec 2015
photo by Panji Indra,


(kiss the cake, buttercream, flowers)
yummy dessert from Noel Blanc 24 Sep 2015
photo by Panji Indra,


(noel blanc, tart, roll cake, brioche)
unique creations of Trina Thomson 22 Jun 2015
photo by Panji Indra,

Not a lot of people knows how talented Trina is. Her creations caught my eyes since years ago. This time, she made Ruby her signature doll which is so adorable and sweet. She truly puts her own identity in each one of her works. Her famous bride and groom says it all. We truly enjoyed having Trina with us for the whole week.

(trina thomson)
theOne&Only Wendy Kromer 07 May 2015

Who doesn’t know Martha Stewart? Wendy is the person behind all those beautiful wedding cake you can see in all the Martha Stewart wedding magazine. Having co-authored the Martha Stewart wedding cake book as well, doesn’t changed her at all. Wendy is so humble and down to earth. I was waiting for her arrival in all soil ground since “ages” and when the moment comes, it was really magical and surreal for me. A week with Wendy gone by too fast.

(wendy kromer, martha stewart)
beautiful creations by Verusca Walker 23 Mar 2015
photo by Panji Indra,

I stumbled into Verusca through Learn Cake Decorarting online classes. Her bubbly personality & her style really caught my eyes.
Verusca’s teaching style shows us how easy things could be done.. This beautiful Brazilian born cake artist is Uber Talented and it is really worth to witness her action yourself.

Every details of her cake seems easy peasy for her, but yes…maybe not for us. Thats why we need her here to teach us to do all those impossible to become magically possible. Our student had 4 amazing sessions with her with great result…on top of that we manage to do some charity as well, her cake was auctioned to finance the purchase of Cake Mixer for the Rumah Hati Suci girl’s orphanage in Jakarta

(verusca walker, vespa, kitchen aid, harley davidson)
cuteness is in the air with Sheryl Bito 30 Nov 2014
photo by Panji Indra,

When Sheryl contacted me for the very first time I was pretty excited. I have adored her work since a long time ago. Her magic fingers are producing such an adorable minis and all those beautiful cupcake toppers were excellent.

As we agreed to do an Indonesian bride and groom couple for her Jakarta’s workshop, I could witness myself how much things were put into a labour of love. Her second class the miniature Christmas Cupcake toppers were equally amazing and one can’t take one’s eyes of it and it was so detailed.

(sheryl bito, buns in the oven cupcakery)
mimi's passionate creations 29 Oct 2014
photo by Panji Indra,

To finally meet Mimi and witness the process of doing the delicate
masterpieces is really something. One has to have loads of passion and a
good pair of working hands. You will never believe how fine the Marilyn Monroe figurine she’d created. It looks more like a machine-made Barbie doll with all its finesse rather than a handmade figurine. It was so fine
and perfectly formed…very well made!

With her years of experience and talent there is no doubt that everything
seems to come together so naturally and easily. At the end of our last session together, you could see how happy and satisfied  our students were with their own unique creations. Nothing can beat that feeling. ‘Till we meet again next time…<3

(mimi liew man kwan, passionate cakes)
majestic creations by Jacqueline Butler 21 Aug 2014
photo by Panji Indra, panji Indra,

The days leading to Jacqueline’s arrival for us are the days where we were all waiting for “Magic” to unveil. Students couldn’t wait to attend her classes and share her majestic flowers…. Jacqueline has such a Midas touch and all her flowers represent her personality: pure, elegant & sweet…

Her most sought after classes were sold out within days and students came from all over the region. Not only having a fantastic experience by learning from her, they also brought home memorable souvenirs of beautiful sugar flowers made by their own. Jacqueline loves to share her skills and she shared it with great joy and an open heart.

One week with her and her beautiful creations is never enough…till we meet again next year! xxx

(jacqueline butler, the petalsweet, camelia anemone succulent class, lily of the valley lilacs english rose class, peony cherry blossoms filler flowers class)
Handi's First Classes 07 Jul 2014
photo by Panji Indra,

It was Handi who inspired me & triggered the birth of Sugar World Academy… that’s why it is very natural that he is the first teacher ever taught in our new facility. In a span of 1 week, he taught 4 different classes here, the popular stiletto which is resemble and much prettier than the real shoe..the cute Koala, representing Australian nature, a place where he now calls home… and the well structured and well balanced animations caracters. We all had fun and a good doze of laughters with him. A week gone by too quickly and never enough. Jakarta can’t wait for his next visit…

(Handi Mulyana, stiletto class)
finally today we are officially open! 02 Jul 2014
photo by Panji Indra,

The Opening Ceremony

It was one beautiful Wednesday in Jakarta, the weather was warm and agreeable…it was our opening day as well as my daughter Tiffany’s 19th Birthday. We had been planning this official opening since sometimes ago and the theme colour s of the party were the Academy colours off course…pink, purple, blue, yellow and an dash of black & gold. Flowers were frolicking to our place since the wee morning hours…Our florist started their work on our place with beautiful flowers since the early afternoon..while chef Adhika Maxi set up his kitchen leisurely in our pantry for his canapés, another caterer occupy our 3rd floor facility with their buka puasa menu.

Finally around 4 pm, guest started to come…the ceremony was lead by celebrity chef Bara Patirajawane. I knew him since he was selling his exquisite cookies…than followed by an interview with our first International guest teacher Handi Mulyana. .before we all enjoy nice bites of canapés of sea urchin from Japan and wagyu beef..

Hence it’s not a big party. Just a warm and intimate one, where everybody knows somebody…and they seems to be enjoying each other company..not many in our invitation list but, all went well . Thanks to the hard work of everybody and here is a big cheers to a bight future as we are sailing into our beautiful dreams…

(grand opening, sugar world academy, cake decorating school)
theQueen of buttercream couture cakes 16 Mar 2014
photo by Panji Indra,

I met the talented duo, Valeri and Christina in one of their classes in Singapore. They really brought back the art of buttercream and took immense pride of what they do.. their fully booked Jakarta’s class is a proof. Happy students brought home their own beautiful creation with pride…

This award-winning duo based in London started their company back in 2011. And now with the following unprecedented demand for their tutorial and classes, they finally opened their kitchen to share the skills they excel into other people. Their latest work, The Buttercream Bible, is a book they recently wrote. The Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes promises elegance, originality, sophistication, quality and perfection.

(queen of hearts couture cakes, buttercream, intricate piping, stained glass, palette knive painting class)
theCaketress couture class 03 Mar 2014
photo by Panji Indra,

Lori’s first debut in Asia was with Sugar World Academy. The moment I met this beautiful young talent, I knew that she is very special. Lori’s beautiful soul, humble & bubbly personality earns her a celebrity status among her students. This real life Princess Ariel surely has an audience of fans that comes from all over Asia as far as India, Brunei and Malaysia during her time with us. We all enjoyed awesome moments with her…

As an award winning cake artist, Lori, also known as the Caketress, designed some of the most elegant fashion inspired cakes in the industry. She is a well-respected cake instructor with clients who are coming from all over the world.

(the caketress, lori hutchinson, couture wedding class)